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Tune Author Key Level Genre Tuning Audio Tabs Links
Angelina Baker Michal Barok D Intermediate Bluegrass Angeline the baker (Angeline-the-baker.pdf)
Blue Moon Of Kentucky 3/4 Michal Barok G Beginner Bluegrass Blue moon of kentucky slow (Blue-moon-of-kentucky-slow.pdf)
Blue Moon Of Kentucky 4/4 Michal Barok G Beginner Bluegrass Blue Moon of Kentucky fast (Blue-Moon-of-Kentucky-fast.pdf)
Devítilibrové kladivo (Nine Pound Hammer) Michal Barok A Beginner Bluegrass Nine Pound Hammer (Nine-Pound-Hammer.pdf)
Dueling Banjos Ondra Kozák G Beginner Bluegrass Duelling Banjos (Duelling-Banjos1.gp5) Duelling Banjos - intro (Duelling-Banjos-intro1.gp5) Dueling Banjos (Dueling-Banjos1.pdf) Dueling Banjos - intro (Dueling-Banjos-intro1.pdf)  
Foggy Mountain Breakdown Honza Bíba G Beginner Bluegrass FoggyMoutainBreakdown (FoggyMoutainBreakdown.pdf)
Johny Goes to France Michal Barok Em Intermediate n/a Johny Goes to France (Johny-Goes-to-France.pdf)
Pár minut Jirka Vopava G Advanced Bluegrass Tvých pár minut (Tvých-pár-minut.pdf)
Reach A Little Bit Higher Sam Bush E Advanced Bluegrass Reach a little bit higher (Reach-a-little-bit-higher.pdf)
Ashes of Love Honza Bíba A Intermediate Bluegrass AshesOfLove (AshesOfLove.pdf)
Footprints In The Snow Honza Bíba C Intermediate Bluegrass FootprintsInTheSnow (FootprintsInTheSnow.pdf)


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