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This is a list of all ATAmusic TABs for the chosen instrument. If you want to search for particular title, player, difficulty etc., please follow this link.


Tune Author Key Level Genre Tuning Audio Tabs Links
Angelina Baker Jirka Králík D Advanced Bluegrass Angelina the baker (Angelina-the-Baker.mp3) Angelina the Baker (Angelina-the-Baker.pdf)
Devil's Dream Ondra Kozák A Intermediate Bluegrass Devil's Dream (Devils-Dream.pdf)  
Ida Red Jirka Králík A Advanced Bluegrass Ida Red 1 (Ida-Red-3.mp3) Ida Red 1 (Ida-Red-2.mp3) Ida Red 1 (Ida-Red-1.mp3) Ida Red 1,2,3 (Ida-Red-123.pdf)
Little Liza Jane Jirka Králík G Intermediate Bluegrass Little Liza Jane (Little-Liza-Jane1.mp3) Little Liza Jane (Little-Liza-Jane1.pdf)
Over The Waterfall Jirka Králík D Intermediate Bluegrass Ower the Waterfall (OvertheWaterfall.mp3) Over the Waterfall (Over-the-Waterfall.pdf)
Soldier's Joy Jirka Králík D Advanced Bluegrass Soldier´s Joy-mixdown (Soldier´sJoy.mp3) Soldier´s Joy (Soldier´s-Joy.pdf)
Old Joe Clark Ondra Kozák A n/a Bluegrass Old_Joe_Clark_slow (Old_Joe_Clark_slow.mp3) Old_Joe_Clark_fast (Old_Joe_Clark_fast.mp3) Old Joe Clark (Old-Joe-Clark.pdf)


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