Ondra Kozák & Ralph Schut – Bluegrass & Country


Bluegrass & Country, instructional guitar DVD for beginners.

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Instructional bluegrass guitar video for beginners and advanced players by Ondra Kozak & Ralph Schut is coming out now! It’s recorded in the Czech language with English subtitles and it’s produced by Muzikus publishing.

Songs/Tunes –  Jesse James, Myslím na Colorado, Zlatá rybka, Alabama Jubilee, Love Please Come Home

Techniques – Right hand technique, left hand technique, rhythm (2/4, 3/4), transitions between chords, using capo, G-Runs, rest strokes, hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, simple solo building, crosspicking, powerful rhythm

Booklet – How to read TAB, TABs for rhythm, transitions between chords, crosspicking, G-runs …

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