Terms and Conditions

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 1.      Definitions:

1.1.   ATAmusic represents a platform providing various music-related content.

1.2.   ATAmusic Online Music Workshop is a virtual music workshop where the instructional information regarding learning musical instruments are shared.

1.3.   ATAmusic Website is the main website of ATAmusic Online Music Workshop located at https://atamusic.eu.

1.4.   Video means an instructional video sold at the ATAmusic Website.

1.5.   User means anybody who uses the services offered by ATAmusic.

1.6.   ATAmusic Newsletters are occasional are messages related to new ATAmusic services and news on ATAmusic Website and ATAmusic Video Shop Website.

2.      Services offered by ATAmusic Online Music Workshop

2.1.   ATAmusic Online Music Workshop offers two types of content – free of charge and paid. Although an immense effort is put in the production of the content, ATAmusic does not guarantee its correctness and does not take responsibility for any consequences of its usage.

2.2.   The free content is located at ATAmusic Website and is of tabulatures, sheet music, exercises, forums, ATAmusic Newsletters, online tools, information about musical instruments, workshops, songbooks, recordings, etc. This content is accesible from ATAmusic website.

2.3.   The paid content is comprised of Videos. This content is accessible from ATAmusic Website.

3.      Services availability

3.1.   ATAmusic puts reasonable effort in the operation and maintenance of both ATAmusic Website and ATAmusic Video Shop Website but it is not responsible for any interruptions of offered services or down-time of the mentioned websites.

3.2.   ATAmusic reserves the right to change the structure and accessibility of the free content and the prices of the paid content at any time and for any reason without notice.

3.3.   ATAmusic reserves the right to suspend or terminate its services at any time and for any reason without notice.

4.      Data Protection 

4.1.   Any personal data will be used solely for the purposes of registration within ATAmusic Website and for the provision of the offered services.

4.2. User’s consent with subscribing to the ATAmusic Newsletters list can be withdrawn any time by opting-out here or in every ATAmusic Newsletters message.

4.3.   Personal data will not be supplied or sold to any third party.

4.4. All PayPal transactions are subject to the PayPal Privacy Policy (alternatively known as PayPal Privacy Statement)

5.      Intellectual Property Rights

5.1.   Any material downloaded from ATAmusic Online Music Workshop is for home and personal use only. The User may not re-release, lend and commercially or non-commercially exploit any material in any way whatsoever. All material contained on the ATAmusic Website is the property of ATAmusic or the copyright holder, and is protected and subject to copyright law.

6.      Videos

6.1.   The videos which are available for purchase from ATAmusic Video Shop Website come in zipped folder with supporting information (mostly tabs). Such supporting information may be also accessible free of charge from ATAmusic website.

6.2.   If not otherwise stated, the Videos are in .mp4 container, encoded by MPEG-4 AVC codec or in .wmv container, encoded by vc-1 (wmv3) codec.

6.3.   The payments for videos are processed solely by bank wire.

6.4.   Immediately after the payment is accepted, the User receives an e-mail with download link/links for the purchased Video/Videos.

6.5.   The number of downloads of the purchased Video is limited to 3.

7.      Support

7.1.   In case of any questions or issues regarding the services offered by ATAmusic, the technical support is provided via e-mail: mail@atamusic.eu.

8.      Final regulations

8.1.   ATAmusic reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time without notice.

8.2. Cookie files are used on ATAmusic Website for personalization of advertisements and web traffic analysis. Information about how you use ATAmusic website are shared with partners dealing with advertisements and web analytics. By using ATAmusic website, you express your understanding and agreement with this. More info here.

8.3.   This is the complete agreement between ATAmusic and the User. This agreement shall be governed by the law of the Czech Republic, whose courts shall be the sole courts of jurisdiction.