Tabulature software

  • TuxGuitar (FREE) - besides other formats, it supports Guitar Pro files (up to version 5, i.e. .gtp, .gp3, .gp4 a .gp5), Tabledit (.tef) and Power Tab (.ptb).
  • MuseScore (FREE) - open source alternative to advanced softwares like Sibelius a Finale. Many options and customizations and a comprehensive support forum.
  • Guitar Pro – one of the most used and developed tabulature software.
  • TEFview (FREE) - opens and plays tabs in .tef format (Tabledit).
  • TablEdit - edits tabs in .tef format.
  • LilyPond (FREE) - text-based software for sheet music and tabs writing and editing. Feels like programming language rather than graphic editor.
  • HarmoTab (FREE) - free editor and player of tablatures for harmonica.
  • Sibelius – complex software for sheet music and also tabs writing and editing. It has huge possibilites of settings but it neccesary to study the manual a bit.
  • Finale – developed software, analogue of Sibelius.

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