ATAmusic studio

Are you a band, a songwriter, a duo or a choir? Do you need to record your music? Do you need a guitar (ac./el.), mandolin, violin, bass or other instrument for your project (CD, demo etc.)? Or you just need an assistance with your project (producer, engineer)? The ATAmusic studio is here to help you with your:

  • audio CD
  • DEMO recording
  • videoclip
  • DVD
  • ad spot

The studio offers:

  • Simultaneous recording of up to 11 audio-signals (8 x mic or line, 1 x stereo mic pair, 2 x digital input) in 24bit/96kHz quality or up to 4 channels in 24bit/192kHz quality
  • 4 independent monitor channels
  • Recording with large (3x) and small (5x) diaphragm condenser mics: AKG, Audio-Technica, SPL, Rode
  • Mobility – possibility of recording at your place
  • Assistence in a studio (producer, engineer)
  • Arranging and recording various instruments for your music
  • Simultaneous recording of 3 video-signals in FullHD resolution
  • Digital editing, mix and mastering, finalization of recordings
  • CD/DVD manufacturing incl. printed material (booklets)




Send me an email to discuss your ideas.


Ondra Kozák

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